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Roof Garden Research Program

This page describes the ICU Roof Garden Research Program in King's Critical Care. We hope that any research is highly translatable to the wider NHS and beyond. 

Phase I -Mixed Methods Observational

The first part of the roof garden research program is to perform a mixed methods baseline exercise to establish the views and opinions of patients, relatives and staff as to how the roof garden should be used. This will occur in the period leading up to Garden Go Live as well as during safety testing and pilot visits to the garden. 

Phase II - Feasibility

In the feasibility part of the FRESHAIR Program, the trial team will design and develop the protocol;  intervention; and test safety. They will also get feedback from staff, patients and relatives about the intervention, planned primary outcome measure; and planned secondary outcome measures. 

Phase III - Step-Wedge Randomised Controlled Trial

In the randomised controlled trial part of FRESHAIR, patients will become eligible to go to roof garden unit by unit using step-wedge methodology. The primary outcome measure will be length of clinical ICU stay. Secondary outcome measures will including mortality; incidence/severity/length of delirium; sedation use; length of 

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