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The ICU Roof Garden Research 

Does the ICU Roof Garden reduce length of stay?

Does the ICU roof garden reduce delirium?

Does the ICU Roof Garden improve long-term physical, cognitive & psychological outcomes?

Does the ICU Roof garden lead to health economic benefits?

How do healthcare professionals, patients and families think we should use the roof garden?

Which patients should go into the garden?

How early in the critical illness can patients go outside?

How long should patients be outside for?

The ICU Research Program is called FRESHAIR. It aims to establish the optimal and safe way to use this complex intervention. FRESHAIR aims to answer the research questions outlined above. 

The Team

This is our ICU Roof Garden Research Team

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 10.00.52.png

Dr Phil Hopkins

Chief Investigator

Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Medicine, KCL

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 10.02.43.png

Dr Dan Hadfield


Post Doctoral Fellow & Lecturer, KCL

Thomas Best.JPG

Dr Thomas Best

Clinical Director & Co-Investigator

Prof Dunnett.JPG

Professor Nigel Dunnett

Professor of Planting Design and Vegetation Technology Co-Investigator, University of Sheffield; Co-investigator

Harriet N.JPG

Harriet Noble

Research Nurse/Research Fellow

Lina Christopoulou

Senior Manager-Transition & Digital including Outside Critical care Therapy Unit

Flower Petals
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